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Equipment Service

Keg Couplers

Change-over Keg Coupler Service

Keg couplers are one of the most likely causes of pouring problems on a beer system. There are various O-rings and seals that need to be serviced and lubricated regularly. We recommend at least annually.
Bev-Serv offers a simple changeover service. You give us your old coupler and we give you a freshly serviced coupler. (like for like. Coupler must be in reasonable physical condition)
A style or D style.

keg Coupler
Beer Taps

Beer Taps

Regular beer tap service saves money!

I often watch the bar person pouring beer down the drain in an attempt to get the glass full. 
This seems to be an accepted practice. What percentage of your keg is wasted?
Keep beer taps serviced regularly to reduce the amount of beer you waste.
We have a wonderful new beer tap available at a very good price. If you have old taps, you can upgrade very inexpensively.

Having trouble with frothy beer?

Call us    8264 1643

No matter where you are in SA or western NSW and Vic, give us a call. We can arrange to visit your venue and service your equipment. We can often fix the problem over the phone.
Spare parts can be sent in the post and advice given on how to change them.

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